The workers who form the backbone of our regional economy often struggle with disconnected public services. Recognizing that workers are the experts in their own lives, Manzanita Works is dedicated to deepening relationships between community groups to better understand workers’ concerns and give workers a stronger voice in crafting solutions to these challenges in relationship with the community at large. We as a society can improve how we move, house, and value workers, while planning for the needs of the workforce of tomorrow.

Our organization acts as a clearing house of shared interests, an owner's representative, a harbor pilot and connector to the communities we serve.

The heart of our organization is the Manzanita Coalition, a broad-based community group comprised of an extensive grassroots structure of voluntary civic institutions whose purpose is to build the capacity to act together to improve the lives of workers and their families.

The local knowledge and local leadership that emerges from our coalition is the starting point of a creative and collaborative process of observation, learning, imagination, analysis, conversation, experimentation, iteration and ultimately implementation or projects and programs. Our successful projects partner with others, build capacity, incorporate best practices, are adaptive and replicable, and take on a life of their own.

Manzanita Works is a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives in Oakland, CA. Previously known as Bay Area Forward, we have supported community-led efforts to create housing and transportation options in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2014.